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About us

Buffalo Grill Bar, after renovation, opened its doors in December 2017. We hope that you will enjoy the changes, because they touched almost all aspects of the work of the grill-bar. We have a new Grillvett wood grill, right in the hall. Now you literally can see how your steak is roasted and our chiefs organize a real show every day. Our chef connected all the experience gained over the years of work abroad in one menu. The prime barman supplemented it with a bar menu, full of authentic cocktails, home-made beverages and the best assortments of in the market for beer and wine. Now our steaks’ meat is 100% made of young bull. We prefer to use seasonal and local products, because they have more fresh seasonal and vivid taste. The menu is based on the classic recipes of the South of the USA, but they are complemented by the tastes of Armenian, European and even Pan-Asian cuisines.

About the concept

Buffalo Grill Bar is a completely new concept for Armenia. We connected the cordiality of Armenian hospitality with the atmosphere of the American south and seasoned it with more love and respect for our guests. From the choice of music, products, to the selection of the type of wood in our fireplace - we do in order to create a cosines and casualness, in order to help the guests to completely relax, enjoy socializing and the food we make. We do not stop after initial development, but we evolve even further and harvest learning to offer you something new and amazing every day.

About the kitchen

Our main principle is the perfection of quality products. We spent months looking for suppliers of meat, bread, vegetables - those who fully share our understanding of really good food and an individual approach.

Address: 72/1 Hanrapetutyan street

Phone: (011) 577577, (043)541401

Website: www.vgg.am